Our Happy Clients...




"Hi Michelle, We couldn't be happier with your service. All our pets were settled and calm when they came home and in good condition. Thank you."
- Chris and Julie, La, Callie, Oadie and Jess (dogs, cat, rabbit), Nov 2015


"Ollie had such a wonderful time on his holiday with you.  We were very happy with how he played with the other dogs and also how well he settled in back home too.  Thank you for looking after him, we really appreciate it. 

Ollie is definitely looking forward to staying again."

- Melissa, Ollie's owner, July 2015


"I loved that you had a meet and greet before Muscat stayed. He seemed so happy to stay, was very happy and tired when I picked him up. I think he had so much fun he was worn out. I really love the social aspect of your place as Muscat really loves company and is not a fan of being alone. When I dropped him off on a later date his tail was wagging and he was excited to be returning. We were very happy and will be definitely back again. 
- Kylie, Muscat's owner, July 2015


"Everything was great. He seemed happy to see us, and since then I think is missing all the activity and company. We hope to have him have day care  with you as often as we can afford it."

- Wendy, Sooty's owner, June 2015


"We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our girls to stay when we are away and also for them to attend one day per week to enjoy the company of other people and other animals. Pet Buddy is a home away from home for the girls - we love that that they are able to sleep inside just as they do at home when we are away and we love the set up of the backyard - very dog friendly and interesting.  They are always well and happy when we pick them up and it is always apparent that they have been well cared for and have been made to feel part of the family. We are very thankful that you and your extended family are so kind and gentle with the girls and all the animals in your care and we think your service is excellent."
- Jane & Maurice, Lulu & Zoe's owners, May 2015


"I am happy with my experience with your service.  I like the idea that it is a small and personal operation ... it suits my style, and is especially handy if we are heading south for a night or two.  I am sure the business will always be in demand because of your genuine interest in the pets, and it gives me, as the pet-owner, peace of mind knowing that Ringo is well looked after and not being bored/lonely at home if I want to go away for a short break."

- Michelle, Ringo's owner, May 2015


"Thanks for having Archie again last weekend, he always has the best time at your place! Archie is always exhausted and sleeps very well the night after he comes home from your place because he has so much fun playing with the other dogs! I feel like I can relax and enjoy myself when we go away, knowing that Archie is being looked after well, is safe and is having a great time!"
- Katelyn, Archie's owner, May 2015


"We are very pleased that every time Max has stayed with you he is not upset or distressed when we pick him up as he has been in the past when he has stayed at different boarding kennels. It is also good that we can supply to you his normal food that he eats everyday as he has often been off his food when he has stayed at other places as the food is not what he was used to. We also love to get the pictures that you send us of Max and the other dogs when we are away and it shows us they are all getting along together and having fun. It is nice to know that you can leave your dog with someone who genuinely cares about them."
- Margaret, Max's owner, Aug 2014


"Thank you again for looking after Roxy for us. I would most definitely ask you to mind Roxy again in the future. Your genuine love of dogs was on display from my initial enquiry till when I picked her up after a 10 day holiday.

Knowing all dogs must be vaccinated greatly reduces any health risks when associating with other dogs. Allowing Roxy to sleep inside on her own bed I thought was fantastic. She would have been very comfortable. It was good to see all the dogs socialising in the backyard and not locked up in individual boarding kennels. It was also reassuring to receive photos sent to me regularly to see Roxy going for walks, playing and resting with the other dogs that were also in your care. I know Roxy had a great time at your place and with your dog Trapper. I guess if she could talk she would ask " when can I go back to Trappers". Your service exceeded my expectation. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm glad I found you."

- Rob, Roxy's owner, Aug 2014


"You are indeed an angel. Our dog was content and had no problem readjusting to his parents. I am sure he had a great time with you looking after him. Dogs to play with and a safe environment. I noticed he is much better with his food now than he was before. This is for the better. We will have no hesitation in leaving him with you anytime we need to get away without him. Thank you for the chance to respond. I hope this assures others that are looking for a loving person to look after their pets that they are in the right place when they choose you! Many thanks."
- Garry and Brenda, Diesel's owners, Aug 2014


"Great service, friendly & affordable. I take my precious pug dog there everyday when im at work & knowing he is well looked after makes my day alot easier. Would highly recommend this service to anyone who loves their pooch."

- Jenna, Deegan's owner, May 2014


"We were very happy that we could leave Macky with you and to know he will be looked after.  Yes, we would recommend you to others.
I was happy with your service so I cannot make any suggestions."

- Robert, Macky's owner, May 2014


"I would definetly recommend your services to others. I felt at peace knowing our dogs were somewhere being looked after by a fellow animal lover and that you were basically there day and night.

The price was fair. The photos you sent were a great idea. 

All in all you provide a great alternative to kennels and I would be happy to use your services again. The dogs seemed calm and happy when I got them into the car and back home. Thanks for taking such good care of them!"

-Joanne, Zayda, Chappy and Scout's owner, Jan 2014


"Yes l would recommend you to others, l like that you only have six dogs maximum (overnight). l also liked that you send photos of them during the stay. Thanks again for taking good care of them."
- Karen, Bell and Dinah's owner, Jan 2014


"The yard is escape proof which was my issue. I like that you are home a lot so the dogs aren't left for long periods home alone. Miley came home settled so I was happy about that.  I was very happy, we especially enjoyed getting a picture message to our phone while we were on holidays."

- Kay, Miley's owner, Jan 2014


"I was incredibly happy with your caring for our cheeky little dog Duke. And he seemed to have a great time as well. I would definitely recommend your services to others as you are very reasonably priced and seem to genuinely take interest and care in the animals you look after. As well as have the peace of mind in knowing all animals are healthy and vaccinated (I know this because of my running around in order to get it up to date). I will use your services again in the future. I don't think there would be anyway you could have improved your service in my personal experience with you."

- Corie, Duke's owner, Jan 2014


"I would definitely recommend your services to others Michelle.

I loved the set up (just like our own backyard) and also your calm and kind nature. I am also happy that there are not a huge amount of dogs at any one time. You seem very organised and under control and able to give the dogs necessary attention. I love the way you communicate online with the client and everything is made quite clear. I will be booking Frank in with you again next time. Keep going the way you are Michelle. Very impressed with service."

- Cath, Frank's owner, Nov 2013


"Absolutely recommend your services to others - we loved that solo got to stay in a suburban backyard and had some other dogs to keep him company. I loved getting a text with a picture of him, which my children really enjoyed too. We were very happy! Thank you once again."

- Mary Ann & Graham, Solo's owner, Oct 2013



"Richard is doing great he settled straight back in as soon as he was home! Your service and treatment of him was great and we will defiantly use you again. For a rabbit that isn't use to a cage you made him feel very comfortable in his surroundings!So thank you for all your help."
-Blair, Richard's owner, Nov 2015

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your easy and reliable service :) 

I am so thrilled to have my bunnies home safe and sound and it is so reassuring to know they are in capable hands while I'm away. Thanks a million"

- Caitlin, Jess & Percy's owner, July 2015


"I was very happy with the quality of care Michelle at Pet Buddy gave my rabbit. She sent me photos of her everyday and responded to ALL of the long texts that I sent her. She was given special care and lots of extra treats to keep her happy well I was away. The house she was in was predator safe, and mosquito netted for extra protection. It was a relaxed house environment with chickens and ducks running around that kept her company. I was really happy with Pet Buddy and will definitely come back ned time I go away!"
- Mia, Coco's owner, Sept 2014


"I would definitely recommend your services to others as our bunny was happy and looked very well on pickup."

- Stephen, March 2014


"I would definitely recommend your services to others - we found the whole experience easy, convenient and great value for money. I think next time we might pay the extra to have her indoors only because that's what she is used to, not because there were any problems with where she was outside.
Will definitely call next time we need a bunnysitter!"

-Jacqui, Jemima's owner, Jan 2014




"Malibu was fine when he returned home. He appeared very content as if he enjoyed the experience. He was calm and did not show any aggression which we appreciated and means he had a comfortable time away. Many thanks for your care and concern."
- Darryl, Malibu's owner, March 2015


"Thanks for looking after Bentley.  He certainly came home happy, and clearly enjoyed socialising with your dog and had plenty of exercise.  We were also very happy with the care you took of our two pet lorikeets.  The photo updates were great, and the kids especially loved seeing them.  I am sure we will be using Pet Buddy again in the future."

- Di, owner of Bently and 2 lorrikeets, Aug 2015


"He seemed happy and chirpy when we got him home. I think you were very caring and I can't add any more than I was happy with the service."
-Barbara, Greeny's owner, Aug 2015


"My babies were so settled on their return home – a big sigh of relief as we have had very stressed out cats for a number of weeks post holidays using other services. Michelle (and the whole extended family) welcomed the guests not just as part of their family, but their own home. I was so appreciative of my babies having the run of half the house for half a day each day as well which would have been a great source of exercise and entertainment. So reassuring to know feline guests are very rarely alone with family and voices always around  - it’s really lovely how much Michelle loves the animals."
- Kate, Asher and Soya's owner, Nov 2014


"Thank you for minding Lizzie and Puska for us while we were away.  We appreciate the care they received and be assured that you will be our first choice in future for the boarding of our pets.  We trust they were well behaved!"

- Graeme & Judi, owners of Lizzie (dog) and Puska (cat), May 2014


"I would definitely recommend your service to others. I would tell them that you are caring towards animals and accomodated their needs and requirements.  I loved that the cats were not kept in a cage but in a room so they would be happier not as restricted. I loved the photos sent during their stay. Also that the cost is reasonable and that the location is convenient. In my opinion your service is great and you don`t need to improve it and I will definitely be looking at bringing Raj and Krishna back for another stay in the future."
- Sue, Raj & Kristna's owner, Jan 2014