Luxury cat boarding for spoilt felines

Cat Hotel



Loving Pet People + Home Environment + Canine Buddies = HAPPY DOGS!

Loving Pet People + Boutique Hotel + Brand New Personal Rooms = HAPPY CATS!

Caring for a small number of cats in three fun themed comfortable rooms, with cosy hidey holes, platforms to explore, scratching panels and toys, we offer your cat a luxury holiday with a proffessional standard of care. Each room has a personal garden room attached, perfect for sun bathing. Our brand new cat hotel is now proudly open for business, offering your cat the highest standard in quality accommodation at an affordable rate. Daily playtime and cuddles included!



Into the woods
'Into the woods' room is where jungle cats come out to play and explore the trees in their personal attached outdoor room.
At the beach
'At the beach' room is a tropical get away for your kitty with a whale or two and comfy hammock with a view in which to relax.
When in Paris
'When in Pairs' room is a plush room with a soft furry rug perfect for snuggling and access to a personal outdoor garden courtyard.
Into the woods outdoor room
'Into the woods' personal jungle gym accessible all day via a cat door from their personal room.
At the beach outdoor room
'At the beach' personal outdoor play room complete with a reclining beach chair for soaking up the sun!
Playtime in the cat hotel
Playtime in the cat hotel with interactive cat toys, tunnels and hidey holes, plus plenty of cuddles for the social feline.
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Happy Cats

COMFORTS: of home in a luxury personal room

OUTDOOR: personal garden rooms  accessible all day
PLAYTIME:  in the pet hotel with interactive toys

AIRCONDITIONED: for your cats comfort.

PHOTOS: Sent to your phone, email or facebook

Lots of ATTENTION & cuddles with 24hr onsite supervision

The detail...

 All our cat rooms are designed with appropriate access and amusement for both the young and older cat (ramps may be inserted for access to upper levels if required). Located off our reception area, they will enjoy the presence of human company and a personal play and cuddle session per day with our experienced pet carers in our pet play room.

Each room may accommodate up to two cats from one household, and are a minimum 1000mm d x 875mm w x 1800m ht in size, with an attached similar sized garden room accessed via a cat door. Alternatively book two adjoining rooms for families of cats for even more space with a kitty door allowing access between the two.

Your best friend will become part of the family so you can rest assured that they will receive as much love and care as they do at home.

Boarding requirements:


Vaccination: A current* F3, F4 or F5 vaccine; which is F3 - feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline enteritis., F4 - addition of Chlamydophila psittaci, F5 - addition of Feline leukemia.

*Please note a current vaccination is one that has either had 14 days or more elapsed since it was received, or a booster that was received no more than 14 days after the due date. Cats under 12 months of age require two sets of vaccinations usually completed by 10 - 12 weeks before they are current.


Age: Cats must be over 4 months old to meet animal welfare standards for boarding.


Sex: Both desexed and un-desxed cats are welcome as they board separately.


Health: Animals must not be showing any signs of illness or contagious aliments, nor have been suffering from one in the 14 days prior to admission and be on a regular parasite control program for admission.