Bunny Rabbit Boarding

Holidays for spoilt pets!

Welcome to bunny paradise! We offer only the best for your bunny. Large comfortable indoor hutches and a play area for exercise. Each guest enjoys our home grown food and lots of cuddles and pats to keep them happy.

Quality accommodation + professional care + lots of cuddles = HAPPY PETS!

Pet Hotel

Indoor boarding in our sunny pet play room

Perfect for the bunny that are used to the comforts of home. Your pet will be stay in our Pet Hotel, a purpose built large sunny room in our home. A spacious hutch with a personal bedroom is attached. During the day your bunny will relish exercise time in enjoyed indoors in the pet hotel play suite complete with tunnels and toys to keep them entertained! Lots of cuddles are all part of the service, so your pet will enjoy plenty of human contact.


Sharing is welcome! Pets from the same household may share a hutch, up to 3 dwarf rabbits.


A minimum of 1hr per day access is provided to the indoor play area.

  • Happy Pets!




  • All pets enjoy our gourmet menu, special needs may be catered for or your own food supplied.


  • Fresh vegies and herbs from our garden

  • Meadow hay

  • Quality pellet and fruit mix

  • Grazing on lush lawns


  • CUDDLES Daily cuddle and play time!


  • PHOTOS sent to your phone, email or facebook


  • MOSQUITO PROTECTED all indoor areas are completely screened



Boarding requirements


Our facility is extremely vigilant in only boarding vaccinated animals to ensure the health of all animals staying with us. Rabbits require a current Calcivirus vaccination certificate to be shown on arrival. It should be updated no later than 2 weeks prior to boarding if it has lapsed since the last required booster.

Vaccinations boosters are required every 6 months for our boarding requirements,
in line with current Australian Veterinary Association recommendations.