Bird Boarding

For your special feathered friend

Your bird will be welcomed as part of the Pet Buddy family. Housed in our light filled Pet Hotel with large glassed windows looking over our cottage garden where native birds come to feed, your bird will have plenty of entertainment. Tame birds receive daily handling, or we chat with those a little more at home in their cage.


We treat them like part of the family so it's just like home.


Proffessional Care + Home Environment + Lots of Attention = HAPPY BIRDS!

Indoor boarding in the light filled pet room

Pet Hotel

Birds are kept safely inside our home in a light filled room with other small animals where they can view the comings and goings of the day. They’ll be spoilt with daily vegetables, fruit and herbs fresh from our garden as is species appropriate, in addition to their normal dry or seed mix (to be provided by the owner).


For medium to large birds (cockateil to cockatoo!) we offer suitable cages for their stay:


Medium bird cages: 1000mm long x 500mm high x 600mm wide


Large bird cages: 1070mm long x 800mm high x 700mm wide


For smaller birds (eg budgie, love birds) you will need to provide a suitable cage for their accommodation.

Happy Pets!


DAILY INTERACTION: free flight, head scratches and fun!


INDOOR BOARDING: in light filled room with garden views and air conditioning as required.


YUMMY: Fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden


PHOTOS: sent to your email or posted on our facebook page


PEACE OF MIND: 24hr on site supervision

Boarding requirements:


Vet Letter of Health: Birds require to present at check in a letter from their veterinarian stating the bird has received a health check in the previous 12 months and shows no sign of contagious viral activity or disease, nor shows any sign as being a carrier.

Parasite Control: All birds must be up to date on a routine parasite control program.

General: Any birds known to have been in contact with Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) infectious birds or environments will not be admitted. Any birds showing signs of illness on presentation will not be admitted without a current veterinary assessment for that condition proving it is not contagious.